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Quiver for expandibles
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Cazador 28-Dec-21
Nick Muche 28-Dec-21
Native Okie 29-Dec-21
Mark S 29-Dec-21
Matt 29-Dec-21
Fields 29-Dec-21
Boatman71 30-Dec-21
From: Cazador
Is there a special quiver needed so they don’t open up? Seems If I use my old quiver that is pretty torn up, I don’t have issues, but new ones new foam, I foresee the issue of the BHs opening when seated in the foam.

Looking for a 2 piece.

From: Nick Muche
The tight spot quiver with the foam head insert works well for me. They have a two piece as well.

From: Native Okie
I use the extra grabber for the TightSpot and barely seat the heads in the spots. Works fine.

From: Mark S
I have the Tightspot 1 piece and 2 piece (I'm using this one over the 1 piece). I use fix blades but would highly recommend for expandables

From: Matt
With foam I just grab a fixed blade with the same blade count, heat it with a torch, and push it into the foam. Less resistance on MBH blades after that.

From: Fields
I do the same as Matt.

From: Boatman71
Can also heat up a ½" bolt and melt holes through the foam with that as well.

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