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Kodiak deer herd condition?
Mule Deer
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Jasper 28-Dec-21
JTreeman 28-Dec-21
wildwilderness 28-Dec-21
SDHNTR(home) 28-Dec-21
t-roy 28-Dec-21
Potro 29-Dec-21
From: Jasper
I’m considering a Kodiak hunt in 2022. How have the last few winters been on the deer herd? I realize we’ll have to wait and see how this winter pans out as well of course. Thanks!

From: JTreeman
I would say numbers are down in general. And the early winter we experienced on the south end in November this year gave me a lot of concern for this winter. I personally won’t be looking to go back for a few years.

That said, you can still have a quality hunt with lower numbers if other aspects line up. Really just hard to say. My crystal ball isn’t working too good…


Well Chuck just killed a new Velvet world record so there are still bucks to be had!

Watch the weather closely this winter and see what goes on. The island is big and some areas may get hit worse than others.

As far as historical numbers the deer are probably ebbing on low normal right now.

From: SDHNTR(home)
Lately, those deer have needed sunscreen and bikinis! 67 degrees in Kodiak the day after Christmas! So odd.

From: t-roy
I saw that as well, Nate.

From: Potro
Perhaps POW still have a good numbers

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