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Texas bowhunting day lease
Whitetail Deer
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otterman53 31-Dec-21
drycreek 31-Dec-21
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Buffalo1 01-Jan-22
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From: otterman53
Does anyone know of a good Texas bowhunting only lease with places to stay nearby or on the property ? I am looking foe a place to take my 15 year old grandson next season where he can actually see some deer.

From: drycreek
Never been there, but Brushy Hill gets good reviews. First Point is a place I have been to but it’s hunted hard almost every day of the season and the deer there are super suspicious of every movement, noise, or disturbance of their environment. My son has arrowed two P&Y sized bucks there but took five trips (I think) to do it. All I ever killed there in two trips was a hog and a gargantuan rattler.

RK on here can probably help you.

From: bghunter
Also hit up zebrakiller he has some good info on Texas ranches.

From: milnrick
X2 on Brushy Hill, you'll be treated fairly, won't pay a ton of $$$ and be able to shoot deer, hogs and Javelina (and maybe a yote or two).

Also check with RK, he's definitely on a shortlist of folks I'd be calling.

From: Buffalo1
Check out Texas Bow Hunter website on day leases. May get more leads there on places to hunt.

Brushy Hill and First Point as mentioned already. Both places have some big deer, but hunted hard because of it. Lincoln Ranch is another option, although its been a long time since I was there. What is nice about these places, they do not charge a trophy fee when you kill something. Bob

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