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Sonora DIY coues deer hunt
Whitetail Deer
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JSW 01-Jan-22
wildwilderness 01-Jan-22
JTreeman 01-Jan-22
molsonarcher 01-Jan-22
midwest 01-Jan-22
Zbone 01-Jan-22
From: JSW
I'm going to go back to hunt a couple of the ranches that we stopped hunting in Sonora 6 years ago.

I realize this is short notice but it will be a good time if you can make it work. The hunt will be January 14-21 and the cost is $3,000. This includes food, a place to sleep and 2 good sized ranches to hunt. Other than that, this is a mostly DIY hunt.

We will pup up blinds or tree stands at the tanks that have produced in the past. You will also be able to look around and do your own type of hunting as long as you don't hunt close to the tanks that are being hunted. We used to put 4 to 6 hunters on each ranch so you will have plenty of places to hunt.

We need a minimum of 4 hunters to make this work and this is an archery only hunt.

We had some really good hunts over the years and I'm excited to get back and hunt there again.

PM me if you are interested but do it fast since we don't have much time to get this going.

I’m already book that week out of Hermosillo other wise I’d be interested-

From: JTreeman
I’ll already be there that week too! Damn…


From: molsonarcher
If you are planning on doing this again in 2023 keep me in mind. I was down in October and am going back again in October.

From: midwest
Man, I wish I could make that work.

From: Zbone
DIY Couses hunt is on my bucket list...

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