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Safety harness-outside or inside?
Whitetail Deer
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Helgermite 05-Jan-22
t-roy 05-Jan-22
Guardian hunter 05-Jan-22
Grey Ghost 05-Jan-22
Blood 05-Jan-22
milnrick 06-Jan-22
rooster 06-Jan-22
2Wild Bill 06-Jan-22
Rock 06-Jan-22
drycreek 06-Jan-22
Zim 06-Jan-22
tobywon 06-Jan-22
CurveBow 08-Jan-22
Wink501 08-Jan-22
Just curious as to how most people wear their safety harness for tree stand hunting. Do you wear it over your jacket or parka? Or under, which then requires a pass through opening in jacket?

From: Helgermite
Both. Early season it's outside the jacket. Late season I'm usually wearing multiple layers and bibs. The HSS vest then is worn under / inside both the bibs and the Jacket.

From: t-roy
I use a rock climbing harness, so I’d say neither. However, the RCH is worn on the outside on my bibs/pants. For the most part, the jacket doesn’t really come into play, while wearing it.

Inside the jacket. Outside the pants.

From: Grey Ghost
I always go outside with the strap type harness. I don't care for the vest type that I got. it's too heavy and bulky.


From: Blood
Outside when it’s warmer. Inside when it’s cold. I just run the cord up my neckline. I don’t want to detach or to put it through the hole in the jacket.

From: milnrick
For me it all epends on the weather conditions.

Warm - September October hunts - the HSS vest is outside my shirt.

For rainy a winter weather I'll wear it under my jacket or rain gear.

Bear season in SK or NB it starts out as an outside garment, but ends up under my all-weather jacket.

Outside early season. Inside late season as I keep my strap harness on but my top layer off while walking to stand. Top layer has the slot to put the strap thru when I reach the stand.

From: rooster
I prefer it underneath my outer layer when possible. I had my wife sew a tether slot in my jacket(s). That way for me at least there is no interference with my backpack or my bino harness.

From: 2Wild Bill
I don my outter layers after I haul up my pack. Therefore, my pullover layers are under the harness and zip front layers go on over the harness. A light weight neck gator blocks any drafts from going down where the harness tether exits the neckline. In very cold weather I don a heavy fleece layer before putting on the harness. Because of the gator the zipper doesn't have to completely close in the front of the outter layers.

From: Rock
t-roy X2

From: drycreek
I hardly ever used one in a pop up blind…….;-)

From: Zim
Always inside so I can layer as needed.

From: tobywon
Inside for me

From: CurveBow
Both, depending on time of year & layering.

From: Wink501
Both, late season with all the clothing it goes underneath

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