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New Iron Will Broadheads for 2022
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Dale06 07-Jan-22
DRR324 07-Jan-22
spike78 07-Jan-22
RD in WI 10-Jan-22
Hancock West 22-Jan-22
Hancock West 23-Jan-22

Bill V - Iron Will 's embedded Photo
Bill V - Iron Will 's embedded Photo

Bill V - Iron Will 's Link
We want to thank everyone for the huge response to our Single Bevel broadheads last year. We announced them on Bowsite last year because you had been loud and clear about requesting them. In response to them, you were loud and clear once again that we need to add Left Single Bevel AND 100 grain Single Bevel options to our lineup - So we made both for 2022!

Left Single Bevels Available Now For hunters who shoot a left-fletched arrow, a matching left-bevel broadhead ensures your broadhead will continue to rotate counter clockwise at impact and through the animal to maximize tissue damage and penetration. Check them out at the link attached.

100 Grain Single Bevels Coming Soon For hunters that want to shoot a lighter broadhead, we're also pleased to announce new 100 grain Right and Left Single Bevel broadheads for 2022.

Like always, Iron Will broadheads are engineered with industry leading tolerances, proven A2 Tool Steel blades, and a ferrule that is 2-3 times stronger than typical aluminum or softer steel ferrules. After all it takes to finally release an arrow, we won't skimp on anything. Iron Will broadheads are built for maximum reliability on once-in-a-lifetime hunts.

From: Dale06
I’ll stick with your double bevel 125V, and 125W.

From: DRR324
Now you’ve done it…. Been waiting for the left bevel head and I guess the time is now! I’ll be placing an order soon.

From: spike78

spike78's embedded Photo
spike78's embedded Photo
Damn you Bill I was just gonna keep using my left over Slick Tricks in 2022 but now you put out the damn 100 grain single bevels! Shot a doe with your 100 grain vented this past season and held up incredible after passing through the deer and burying in the ground. Zero blade damage and still sharp to hunt with. Here’s the pic.

Spike78, thanks for the feedback and congrats!

From: RD in WI
I bought my brother three Iron Will broadheads for his birthday this year and had them engraved as well. He calls them his "jet fighter" broadheads, because they are so high speed. Thank you for making such an excellent product.

From: Hancock West
Do these shoot the same as field tips?

From: Hancock West
Bill, on your tests how close are your grouping at 20-40yards? I really want to try these

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