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2022 Canadian Spring Bear
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Stubbleduck 18-Jan-22
Hancock West 18-Jan-22
woodguy65 18-Jan-22
rattling_junkie 18-Jan-22
Rob Nye 19-Jan-22
shortstop 19-Jan-22
JL 19-Jan-22
From: Stubbleduck
Looking forward to the 2022 Spring Bear season in Canada. In my case Manitoba where I had planned hunts in both 2020 and 2021. From those who know...or are able to make informed guesses.....Given that the great majority of areas have not been significantly hunted in two years might we expect lots more bears around baits, some more bears around baits, or will natural "Balance of nature" effects have kept populations on a more or less even keel? Given that hunters tend to remove more of the larger and colored bears might we expect to see more large bears and / or more colored bears? Apparently some outfitters did continue some baiting where others did not. Will continuity of baiting over the last two years make much difference in bears seen around baits this spring? Would that effect, if any, be more pronounced early in the season?

From: Hancock West
I've been wondering the same Stubbleduck. Looking forward to seeing what the experienced bear hunters have to say.

From: woodguy65
You should be in for a GREAT hunt. Definitely should be some brutes roaming around those baits when you get there.

I thought I'd see more if an impact around my personal baits, I didn't see a great improvement in the hunting. But I think in an outfitted area you will see improvement as they get more hunting pressure than my personal spots. Lastly, if your outfitter didn't bait the last couple years I wouldn't be concerned. The bears are still in the area and will quickly adjust to bait in the drums.

From: Rob Nye

Rob Nye's embedded Photo
Rob Nye's embedded Photo
I can’t wait to get some baits rolling! Canadian bear population has been steadily increasing for years Lotsa bruisers will hit the ground this Soring for sure.

From: shortstop
Keep the fingers crossed that they'll keep border open as I'm headed up in mid May!

From: JL
^...this X100. Hopefully no border shenanigans in 2022.

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