Global Warming warnings
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From: Buffalo1
Read this this morning and had to share. You may eligible for govt assistance or a class action lawsuit-

Six studies have found that rising temperatures are linked to premature birth and fast weight gain in babies. Scientists have been ringing the alarm on climate change for decades. Now, a group of scientists say that hotter temps are taking their toll on babies. And that these problems could lead to lifelong health effects.

The scientist have also found that breathing smoke from wildfires could do lung damage.

Wonder who pays these brilliant minds and how much salary ??

Now you have the knowledge and you are on your on !!

From: Jaquomo

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An NIH-funded study found that young people between the ages of 18 and 24 who frequent nightclubs were more likely to have risky sex, and more frequently.

Seriously. You can't make this stuff up..

From: TD
Actually very useful info..... that is, well, you know, if you're running around looking for risky 18 to 24 year olds....

A better study would be the actual risk if you were ever found with one..... is dismemberment a fairly cheap add on to the policy?

I saw a documentary on the climate change industry. And they showed Obama stating that climate change was the largest threat mankind faced.

Just before he bought an 11 million dollar mansion on Martha’s Vinyard ocean front.

One of Biden’s 3 Mansions is also ocean front. Either they don’t actually believe the ocean will rise either, or they aren’t critical thinkers. Which do you believe? Maybe both?


Altitude Sickness 's embedded Photo
Altitude Sickness 's embedded Photo
Not bad for someone’s whole work history and earning yrs consist of a Government salary for 8 yrs.

Oh that’s right someone paid him to write a book. That’s what the FBI would call a Payoff and lock us up for, but that’s how politicians get paid off.

From: DanaC
Critical thinkers don't go into politics, or vice versa.

From: 12yards
Sea level here has been rising about 2-4 mm/year for the last 100 years. At this rate it will take 100 years to rise 3.79 meters. I think the Obamas will be long gone by that time. In fact, whomever buys the place from them will be able to enjoy it for a long time too.

From: HDE
A better study would be the ill effects liberalism has on society.

From: keepemsharp
How many feet is that?

From: Ambush
The smart money is in calculating where the new ocean front property line is. Start buying cheap inland properties on the correct elevation contour.

From: t-roy
So that “Ocean front property in Arizona” line isn’t that far fetched after all!….

From: Airborne
This place is turning in to facebook

From: soccern23ny
Why are we dismembering people when we find them with risky 18-24yr olds?

From: Buskill
Not 100 years…..

From: Shuteye
Strin, live eels were my favorite striper bait until they out lawed their use. Could catch severl stripers on one eel and then along would come a bluefish and that was the end of that eel.

From: Mhg825
Altitude sickness that is from the other pallat of cash that was going to iran

From: SB
Global warming eh?....then why is it currently 1° with a -18 windchill?

Maybe. It warmed up today to 35. Now it’s raining. It’s January the 19th. I haven’t seen it this warm in January for a whole year. Same could be said for most previous years too. Something has to be causing it. It can’t just be the way it is. lol

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