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2022 Mule Deer Meat Pole
Mule Deer
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Bowboy 18-Jan-22
Empty Freezer 18-Jan-22
Beav 20-Jan-22
Predeter 20-Jan-22
t-roy 20-Jan-22
From: Bowboy

Bowboy's embedded Photo
Bowboy's embedded Photo
I guess I get to this off first.

Here’s my 2022 AZ Mule buck I shot on the 12th of January.

Beautiful Buck my friend. You just had to call it a Mule Deer meat pole so my Coues wouldnt show up your mulie.. :)

From: Beav
Great start to 2022! Congrats!

From: Predeter
Heck of a buck! Way to kick off the year!

From: t-roy
Congrats again, Craig!

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