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New WA Mtn Goat record?
Mountain Goat
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TD 19-Jan-22
Beginner 19-Jan-22
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Potro 19-Jan-22
JL 19-Jan-22
t-roy 19-Jan-22
From: TD

TD's embedded Photo
TD's embedded Photo
Got my new P&Y magazine a couple weeks ago (Lord only knows how long it's been out, HI is notorious for being a month or two behind with mags.) I pick it up and.... HEY! I know that guy! On the cover with what should be the new WA state record goat is a friend of mine, Jason Duby!

Hunted many times over the years with Jason. Solid dude, great guy in camp. Real good, dedicated bowhunter, wouldn't want to be in the hooves of something he set his sights on. He was a top rated boat Captain here on Maui for years, blue water big game fisherman. Couple years ago he moved to WA. But still in contact most every week (he's in our football pool =D)

Congrats Jason! Great job, DIY archery goat, I'm hearing a state record at that. I know you worked your azz off for this one, put in some serious time. Makes it that much sweeter.....

Pretty cool.

From: Beginner
Very nice goat!

From: Pat Lefemine
I saw that.great Billy!

The magazine is outstanding too!

From: Potro
NICE Goat!!!!! Congrats to the hunter

From: JL
I didn't know Washington had them. Congrats to him. I wonder how long it took to draw that tag??

From: t-roy
Congrats to your buddy, TD!

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