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HF & Eastmans WY sheep
Wild Sheep
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DonVathome 20-Jan-22
sticksender 20-Jan-22
DonVathome 20-Jan-22
t-roy 20-Jan-22
DonVathome 22-Jan-22
wytex 24-Jan-22
From: DonVathome
Did recent Eastmans, Huntin Fool or Epic mention the proposed 2023 NR change to 90/10 for the big 5? I am very curious - it will greatly affect my app decision, thanks!

From: sticksender
HF or the others I doubt know any more about it than the rest of us, but I understand what your asking. HF did mention, with regard to WY sheep: "Non resident tag allocation adjustments or a change in the current draw system in coming years could have a big impact....".

IMO if you have a chance to draw ANY ram tag, you might want to do that soon. But very likely many other NRs with high points will be thinking exactly the same thing.

There are 282 NR's with 22 sheep points and more than 100 NR's with 23 points and up. The latter could easily eat up all the preference tags in a last gasp. Some of them are probably point hoarders that may never apply, a few of the rest might space out or not even hear about the issue, but all the rest of the alert ones from that group will fan out and apply for many or all of the preference tags.

BTW I'm pretty sure HF and the others don't lay out all their cards on the pages of their magazines, instead reserving some degree of intel and strategy for their paid app service clients.

From: DonVathome
Thanks! I am trying really really hard to draw my sheep and moose tag in the next 5 years.

From: t-roy
How many points do you have for moose and sheep, Don?

From: DonVathome
20 moose and 22 sheep I feel really good I will pull both in the next 5 years.

From: wytex
You have the PP to draw a licenses this year, odds are not 100% but the areas have good moose hunting. For sheep don't overlook the areas not open every year, odds may be in your favor in those areas. 90/10 is going to happen to moose and sheep, get ready .

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