We lost an old school hunter this week
Whitetail Deer
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greenmountain 20-Jan-22
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Rock 20-Jan-22
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Treeline 20-Jan-22
I am saddened tonight. I learned that an old and dear friend died this week. He was a real friend. His name was John Burns. My mentor , John Smith, Let Mr. Burns know that I as long of my hunting friends were to be trusted. he and his family had a deer camp about 2.5 miles away from my mentor's home. Being a young man 2.5 miles was not far. My new best friend Doug and I parked on the fateful day that started the friendship. Doug and I still hunt together every fall. Sadly my mentor died some years ago leaving us in the "old generation." In tribute to John Burns I share the event that started our friendship. It was the day after Thanksgiving in 1973. Both Doug and I were enjoying the Thanksgiving break . We worked our way to Bald Knoll On that morning. We took our stands before daybreak but being young men we were restless by mid day. We soon found ourselves on the top of the knoll. As we worked our way through the thick underbrush I saw a glimpse of brown then Nothing. Doug and I set out to track the deer. Doug and I followed intently . He was about 150 yards below me but we we were in sight every few minutes. I knew all four deer were big. I got a glimpse of deer several times in the next hour as did Doug. About a mile in to the adventure we heard shots. We soon found John with a magnificent buck on the ground with a very excited hunter walking up to it. The rack was huge by Vermont standards with 14 points. Doug and I immediately unloaded our rifles and offered to help drag. When we arrived at camp John offered us a beer. We declined as it was only 2:30 pm Doug and I hunted our way to our cars. Almost every year since then we visited John at camp. We shared more than one beer by the wood stove in the camp but never too many. John took his trophy head to camp every year. Last fall John and the deer head were head were absent. I realized along the way that the real trophy was the friendship and respect that was forged on that day.

From: scentman
Most would be a lucky man to have a friend like you, greenmountain. Thank you for sharing that.

From: Old Reb
I'm sorry for your loss. Take comfort in knowing that you got to experience such a special person in your life.

From: Rock
Sorry for your loss I know the feeling only too well as my mentor and good friend also passed on last month.

So sorry for your loss. Cherish those memories.

From: Treeline
Great memories! Thank you for sharing. Remember fondly all the good times you all had and one day you will all have the chance to enjoy a warm fire and a beer or two again.

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