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Bowhunting Gredos in Spain
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From: Potro
Thinking for 2023 going to Spain for a grades or Beicete hunt Any guide information that you can provide? Any experience or advise? Just coming from LV SCI and they look nice full mount

From: Zebrakiller
4 Aces

From: Spiral Horn
Been to Spain quite a few times and have taken all 4 Ibex. Bowhunting Ibex is a blast (not always easy, but doable), and they are a gorgeous trophy. Spain is also a great vacation spot - the food, culture and sights are all fantastic.

Had a great time with Trophy Trails, run by Daniel Herranz. They are an established company, have access to some of the best Ibex areas, have a great track record, and are just a lot of fun to be with. He can be reached at [email protected].

From: Potro
Thanks Ken

From: kscowboy

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My father and mother are going over to Spain next month to hunt with Trophy Hunting Spain. I am happy to give you a full report upon their return.

From: JTreeman

JTreeman's embedded Photo
JTreeman's embedded Photo
This is my Greedos from Spain. I also hunted the Bicete when I was there but had short time and just couldn’t quite seal the deal.

I hunted on kinda a Brother-in-Law type deal. It was a really fun trip. I can’t believe the way the Spain prices have gone in the last few years, but it is what it is. I plan to go back some day, just gotta find the time (and money).


From: Bake
I only see two remaining arrows in that quiver Jim. . . . do tell?

:) :) :)

From: krieger
Well it looks like a Hoyt, so......


Jealous, amazing critter. Spain is on my to do list also.

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