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Elk Video on YT...
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From: Bowfreak
I'm not going to link it here, but I watched an elk hunting video on You Tube last night where 2 guys were hunting the WY wilderness on an outfitted hunt. It was a neat video with great footage of some awesome elk where both guys ended up killing on the last day. One guy killed with a crossbow and his elk looked like a pin cushion. One in the hip. One sticking straight down into the body in the neck/shoulder area (not really sure how this happens) and another quartering too behind the front leg. The last shot you see is this guy shooting this half dead elk in its bed. After the shot it stands up and walks off and you see all of these other wounds and arrows sticking out. There may have been more shots than that, but just seeing these poor shots isn't easy for me to stomach. I am not hating on these hunters as I know that stuff happens when hunting. I just think that that they probably needed to use a little better judgement as to what goes up for the whole world to see.

I love watching other people's hunts on video. I still am the kind the watches the Sportsman Channel, Outdoor Channel and pretty much anything that trips my trigger on You Tube, but these types of videos are a bad look. I am not really sure what the fix is, but I don't believe it is airing these animals with arrows sticking out of them everywhere. I am not suggesting we hide everything, but most animals killed by bowhunters don't have arrows poking out of them everywhere and this is definitely not a good look for those that don't have a metric to compare this with.

From: cnelk
I’ve killed a lot of stuff in my day and I do not like watching it die. I would rather it be out of my sight during the death process.

Anyone that publishes the death process for the world to see is an absolute dickhead moron.

From: Live2Hunt
"Anyone that publishes the death process for the world to see is an absolute dickhead moron." I agree with that whole heartedly!!! You can tell the class acts when they shut down after the animal drops.

From: LINK
I hate to admit that sometimes we shouldn’t show the entirety of a hunt. In this world that is growing further and further detached from how their meat is procured we absolutely have to portray what we do as best we can. Things don’t often go wrong but when the do a lot of consideration needs to go into how that’s portrayed to the viewer.

From: Supernaut
"Anyone that publishes the death process for the world to see is an absolute dickhead moron."

I couldn't have said it any better.

From: hdaman
Cnelk-thanks, you're spot on.


From: stringgunner
As much as I enjoy watching most of the hunting videos available today, but considering how many of these videos such as the one mentioned in the OP can be used to invigorate the anti hunting movements, I wouldn't mind seeing online streaming platforms restrict or ban hunting content.

I understand how these videos can be produced to show the positive side, but there seemingly is getting to be more and more that show the negative. This isn’t going to go well for the future of hunting IMO.

From: Jaquomo
Oh no, Mark. We're supposed to support all hunters doing every awful thing imaginable and posting it on social media because if we don't all stick together and support these jackwads, you know, all 4% of the entire population, we are SCREWED! "Like" the video, forward the link, and click, click, click, ka-ching $$, and by God those antis won't dare mess with us!

cnelk 100% Agree

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