Brushy Hill Ranch reviews??
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Jasper 14-Feb-22
Buffalo1 14-Feb-22
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Jasper 15-Feb-22
From: Jasper
Looking for a Rio and javelina hunt in Texas this spring. I understand Brushy Hill has mostly hogs and not many javelinas but a Rio is my #1 goal anyway. Anyone hunted here that can provide a review? Prices seem very reasonable. Also, anyone have contact info for RK? I can’t seem to find him and hear he’s a good Texas resource. Thanks! John

From: Buffalo1
Check reviews on Texas Bowhunter. Lots of info there.

From: milnrick

You can check Brushy Hill at the Lonestar Bowhunter website. They've been holding their annual GRUNTS N GOBBLES hunt .

The keys to remember about Brushy Hill are

Its "almost DIY" meaning bring your bedding, food, and transportation .

It's "semi-guided" meaning the ranch manager runs a "feed route" once or twice a day.

If you want a Rio locate one or two of the many pecan groves... that's where we found them before.

Javelina and hogs were best at sunset where game trails crossed the feed route.

From: Jasper
Good stuff Rick, thanks much! How’s the turkey population there? Did y’all see many javelina? I emailed them and Ava said they didn’t have many, but plenty of hogs. I have hogs here in Georgia but have never killed a javelina. Thanks again, God bless!

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