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Colorado unit 40 elk
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Fulldraw 15-Feb-22
JohnMC 15-Feb-22
LKH 15-Feb-22
Pop-r 15-Feb-22
cnelk 15-Feb-22
Quinn @work 16-Feb-22
Stringwacker 16-Feb-22
kadbow 16-Feb-22
Pop-r 16-Feb-22
From: Fulldraw
I currently have enough non resident points (19) to draw a unit 40 archery or 2nd season rifle tag. Would anyone have personal experience with outfitters in that unit or other recommendations. Most reviews I have read say don't waste your time with public land in that unit.

From: JohnMC
Why waste 19 points to hunt private land? The whole point of gathering points for 20 years is to have a kick ass hunt on public land. Do a guided hunt on private in a OTC unit. Then burn your points on a unit you can get into elk on public. I don't know the point requirements for non residents or rifle very well at all. However I can't believe you could not find some awesome public land hunting with that number of points. Good luck on whatever you decided to burn them on.

From: LKH
I've also looked into 40 before and it's because all my hunting partners are older than me and I need help getting an elk out.

I finally killed a bull elk with a rifle this year and it was on private with a friend. We drove within winch distance, drug it up. chained the legs to the bale feeder arms, flipped it aboard, drove to the ranch and used a big tractor to put it in my pickup.

When I got home I hooked the head to a chain and picked it up with my tractor. Then I used that to pull the hide off.

I wish I could reasonably handle a solo hunt but at my age it would be both stupid and dangerous.

From: Pop-r
I believe it's ones personal decision where or on what they want to burn their points on. I can't imagine thinking that everyone saves points to have a great hunt on public. Thank God!

From: cnelk
19 PPs don’t make the bulls any bigger than a 12 PPs unit

From: Quinn @work
I’m glad I wasted 11 points on a private land archery elk hunt in unit 40. Better than waiting 20+ for the NW corner and bigger bulls than using 15 points in unit 61.

From: Stringwacker
I have hunted 40 a good bit on a private ranch. I occasionally drive through the national forest that is not too far away and am always amazed at the number of people camping off the roads on it. Though I haven't ever hunted it, I have friends who have for deer and all say about the same thing; its a reasonable place to hunt deer; but the elk sightings are very few.

I have a lifelong friend that I have hunted with in the past at the ranch. He wanted to take his wife on a fully outfitted hunt in 40.... and chose Biggerstaff Outfitting. Both filled their rifle tags by the second day of the hunt.

I have I think 15 points in the bank and will attempt to draw 40 this year. Given the non-resident allocation is so limited; I know of at least one fellow now that is ahead of me:)

From: kadbow
Private in 40 is your best bet. PM sent.

From: Pop-r
I'm coming behind you not too far and have been watching 40 for a while. I checked out the Biggerstaff website & it hasn't been updated since at least 2018. Not sure why

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