Olympian David Wise
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From: badbull
I found it interesting that this silver medal winner (Halfpipe) from Nevada is an avid elk bowhunter. He also says that he wants to return to the summer Olympics as an archer. Some of you may have seen the clip shown on TV of him elk bowhunting and then cooking his elk steaks. Seemed to show him and his hunting in a positive way.

From: Norseman
Saw that. Very cool!

From: Darrell
Saw that as well. I was surprised at how positively he and his hunting was presented.

Yep saw that, was pleasantly surprised and glad to see it.

From: BC
I saw the clip before he competed. Showed him shooting a 3-D elk and praying with his family. He spoke about his commitment to Christ and his passion to excel in his sport. He said he had lost sponsors because of his hunting but it didn't seem to bother him one bit.

Saw the clip myself, he lost a lot of sponsors because of his hunting, But said he didn't care.

From: WI Shedhead
Seeing hunting and Christ shown in a positive light on nbc is akin to seeing a peta commercial on Fox News. I was absolutely shocked

From: Royboy
Very positive story

From: Tilzbow
I saw it too and as a Reno resident for the past 44 years it made me proud to have such a fine young man representing the region. It’s funny I’ve never noticed him at 3D shoots but I’ll start looking for him now.

From: SaddleReaper

SaddleReaper's Link
link to the NBC bit on David Wise

From: Lee
Very cool

From: bigeasygator

bigeasygator's Link
This feature from First Lite on David is pretty cool too.

Nice to hear some positive news!!

From: No Mercy
That's very cool!

From: Brotsky
This is the way bowhunters. Show good role models harvesting sustainably sourced protein for their families, focus on the conservation of the resource and their habitat. Non-hunters can get behind that. "I smoked a big old swamp daddy! Hell Yeah!!!" No, just no.

From: Jaquomo
Excellent portrayal in the MSM. We need more of this!

Noticed the one negative comment was from one of our leading Colorado anti-hunting vegans, who was appointed to the state veterinary board by our terribly messed up governor. She recently had to resign after calling ranchers and farmers "lazy and nasty".

From: SB
Good luck getting on the Olympic archery team. Takes years of dedication...and he'll have to shoot a recurve!

From: Shiras42
Brotsky x 2

From: goelk
Cool Dude! Congratulations on Silver Medal Fun watching him in halfpipe

From: Zim
Yes I saw. Big thumbs up to him and his family.

From: Inshart
Sounds like a great Dad with an outstanding attitude towards life in general.

From: smarba
Yep, was an awesome interview I was surprised mainstream media let it roll.

Total respect. I'll hunt with that guy.

From: Tilzbow
He was honored at the start of the NV vs UNLV basketball game last night and given a very loud standing ovation along with the crowd chanting USA! USA! for a few minutes. He had his wife and kids there and it was easy to see they thoroughly and humbly enjoyed being honored. It was a great start to the game, too bad the Nevada basketball team lost to our in state rivals from down south.

I also flew in Monday a little before his plane landed and there were several thousand residents waiting to welcome him home and pay tribute.

It’s great to see someone who’s so open about his other passion get honored.

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