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c5ken 21-Feb-22
Altizer 21-Feb-22
PREZ 17-Mar-22
Hondo 21-Mar-22
From: c5ken
Has anyone Elk hunted with Tri-State outfitters LLC? No info available via outfitter review on this web..

From: Altizer
I hunted with Richard and his son Bridger for years. Mostly in CO but I can’t remember not killing a bull with them. I hunted with Bridger for turkey near Rayton. Tons of elk. Bridger was one of the most outstanding kids I have ever know. I haven’t seen them for many years but I would hunt with him tomorrow if I had the chance.

From: PREZ
I hunted with Bridger at the TO Ranch in Raton. We had 4 bowhunters in camp and shot 3 bulls. All bulls were 6 x 6 300"-325". The other guy wound one on his first day and spent the rest of the week trying to find him. Lots of elk on the ranch, great food and lodge. They are usually book 2 years out.

From: Hondo
Their the very best in the business.. they have all John Malone’s ground witch is the largest land owner in the Nation. 2.5 million acres. Their Colorado stuff is unreal..

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