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Water filtration
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bghunter 23-Feb-22
KSflatlander 24-Feb-22
luckychucky 24-Feb-22
Rut Nut 24-Feb-22
bghunter 24-Feb-22
bowhunt 24-Feb-22
Boreal 24-Feb-22
SaddleReaper 25-Feb-22
DonVathome 26-Feb-22
bghunter 26-Feb-22
Overland 26-Feb-22
Juancho 26-Feb-22
Rut Nut 08-Jun-22
backcountrymuzzy 08-Jun-22
From: bghunter
So I have had some time on my hands, which got me thinking about water filtration systems. What do you guys use that would work for both backcountry backpacking and say an urban environment for let's say a natural disaster etc.

From: KSflatlander
Sawyer bag, katadyn hiker pro, and chlorine dioxide tablets.

From: luckychucky
Build a fire, boil it.

From: Rut Nut
I use the Sawyer mini when trying to save weight, but looking to get the Playtipus Gravity system for ease of use.

From: bghunter
Thank you for your input.

From: bowhunt
Katadyn hiker pro is my favorite all around filter

The katadyn camp bag is great if your positive you will have a water source that you can fill the bag

From: Boreal
Sawyer squeeze.

From: SaddleReaper
Idk if its the best choice, considering longevity of the cartridges is only around 65/40gal depending on model, but the grayl filtration bottle is pretty slick.

From: DonVathome
Micorpur tablets, never clog, never freeze, never break, kill everything. Weigh basically nothing. Cheap. Foolproof. I have seen the need for anything else - unless you really are picky about taste. I could care less. After extensive research and owning pumps, and gravity filters nothing else even came close to tablets IMO.

From: bghunter

When you say don't care about taste. What type of taste does it give off ?

I haven't looked at it yet, how many liters, oz etc will a tablet treat?

From: Overland
One thing that should be mentioned is there is a difference between filtering and purifying. I personally use a Katahdin Hiker Pro and a Sawyer Squeeze, and then purification drops if the water is really bad (think stock tanks).

From: Juancho
If I set up camp for a few days I bring a Berkey filter. Otherwise , I use a life straw or tablets. I may boil some too , but I avoid it if it is just for the day.

From: Rut Nut
I had an issue last week with my Sawyer Mini. Went to filter the water on an overnight float trip and it would only come out at a trickle. Backflushed several times and did not help. Took us almost 30 min to filter enough water for 2 mountainhouse meals. Had to sit on the squeeze bag. Not sure what happened to the filter, but I threw it away when I got home.

I now have a Platypus Gravity system.....................................

The tablets have a chlorine taste to them in my opinion, when I smell my water it kinda smells like an indoor pool. I always keep tablets in my pack but mainly for emergency, I prefer a steripen if there is a decent water source or use a katadyn pump if the source is a small puddle or too small to fill a bottle from

Platypus Gravity works

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