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FORLOH insect shield clothing?
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Iowabowhunter 03-Mar-22
Bill Obeid 03-Mar-22
Stringcheesehead 03-Mar-22
Al Dente Laptop 03-Mar-22
Wondering if anyone has tried any of the FORLOH gear that has the insect shield built in?

Hoping to get up to Alaska in '26 at the latest, and have been listening to some podcasts where folks have been talking about that gear.

From: Bill Obeid
I don’t have experience with FORLOH……. But I have used and have had excellent results with the Gamehide company’s Elimitick line That has permethrin built-in.

All that clothing is just infused with permethrin. Dont waste your money and just treat your preferred clothing.

You can also send your clothing to a company that will professionally do it, and guarantee it for 20 washings. I believe it called Insect Shield.

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