Night Vision Scopes
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Huntaholic 03-Mar-22
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Anyone have night vision? I need something to do Coyote Hunting at night

I don't have night vision but I do have thermal.... it's addicting and definitely not cheap but boy is it worth it!

From: SlipShot
I just recently purchased a Thermal Scope for hogs. Leaving Tomorrow for three nights of fun. Last year I borrowed a friends night vision scope and took 18 hogs. The scope was good, but the area that we hunt has add ton of windmills and the flashing lights really flair the lenses. There are so many advantages to going with Thermal Scopes over night vision. I did a lot of research before I bought what is mid level scope, even at mid level it is very expensive. So far I love it, but I don't have anything to compare it to. I went with a AGM Rattler TS35-384.

From: drycreek
I have both NV and day/night digital but I haven’t sighted the digital in yet. I used the ATN NV Gen 2 scope for several years and it’s good to 250 yards with a good IR flashlight. The better the moonlight, the less you need the flashlight. Most of my hogs and coyotes have been killed at under 100 yards, but I have killed hogs at 200 and a little over. The advantage thermal has over NV is that it can be used in the woods with no IR flashback. The advantage is real but the $$ are too. Cheap thermal starts at $2500 or so.

Something we did was bait hogs to certain spots that could be approached from several directions and stick IR camera lights on T posts pointed at the corn piles. No apparent light but when you hit it with NV it lit up like a parking lot in that scope. Mind you, this was not sport hunting but an attempt to kill as many hogs as possible and scare the others away. It halfass worked. ;-)

From: Buskill
I feel like with night vision you can get a pretty darn good unit for the same price as only a so so thermal. Pros n cons for both. I do feel like I cheated the system with my Burris BTS50 thermal scope. Under 3K and pretty dang nice.

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