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ArriveCAN question
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Inshart 03-Mar-22
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Rockbass 06-Mar-22
From: Inshart
Getting into Canada:

I've created an account as directed, filled out all the passport and personal information, attached the pics of my 2 shots. When I hit the submit button it ("downloading your information") wont download it?

Do I have to wait until 3 days prior to travel to complete the arrivecan information?

From: Bou'bound
Yes if I remember that is right


From: Inshart
Thanks. I just got off the phone with Canada (1-833-283-7403) and verified that is correct - thanks.

Caution: the first web page I went to, looked legit. Entered all my personal info as well as my passport number, dates, etc, the last button wanted me to submit my credit card information. I knew this was supposed to be free so obviously I deleted everything.

When talking with the Canadian official he said there are a lot of scammers using the arrivecan info.

Here is the official address he gave me: ...... . If you are doing this on your phone app, make sure you see a black circle with a maple leaf in the middle, surrounded by 2 hands and at the bottom, the word Canada in white with 2 red dots over the last "a".

From: Kurt
And as of now you still need a recent (<24 hrs) C-19 test to get in, although they are accepting a rapid test administered by a pharmacy at a minimum. That documentation can be a hard copy or via email on your phone as I understand….and hopefully going away sooner rather than later.

Edited as Hancock below is correct on timing of the antigen test.

From: Hancock West
The antigen test has to be administered the day of or the day before you arrive. For example even of you have a test at 12pm noon on thursday & your flight arrives at 5pm on friday you are ok. Its not necessarily a 24hour prior test but a day before test.

From: Whocares
Did the ArriveCan yesterday and it said successfully sent. Had the test today and got email result. Heading to Sioux Lookout area tomorrow for about 6 days.

From: t-roy
Whocares…….what’s on the agenda up in Sioux Lookout this time of year, for you?

From: APauls
t-roy - Hope it's not bear hunting. We're under 4 feet of snow! lol Gotta be ice fishing or wolf hunting?

4 feet adam!? Sounds like good whiskey drinking weather to me…

From: Rockbass
I would say APauls is pretty close with 4' ...have not seen snow like this in Ontario since 1990.

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