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Hi all, Looking for any of y'all that have been on a Moose Hunt in New Foundland (Archery both pre/and intra-rut). Thoughts on outfitters, gear and success and unsuccessful hunts. Fire away and thanks!

From: Inshart
Sorry I can't be of help to you, but I have enjoyed watching quite a few youtube videos on moose hunts in Newfy.

From: Fuzz
I've been on one archery hunt in 2018 and followed that with a archery/rifle hunt this past fall. Both with the same outfitter. In 2018 I saw 29 moose... zero stalks attempted. In 2021 I saw 4 moose and killed a bull with my rifle on the last day. Biggest piece of advice I will offer: Find a outfitter that SPECIALIZES in archery hunts if that is what you want. While I liked the outfitter and his operation, it is not geared toward bow hunters even though an occasional client is successful w bow. My 2018 guide was a turd. 2021 guide was a fantastic guy and guide. Neither guide were bow hunters though and it showed. I still had a great time both trips... Love that place. Flew the first, drove the 2nd trip. I preferred the drive.

My buddy and I have hunted NL seven times. We're meat hunters and rifle. If you bowhunt be very careful. Conne River used to have a fly in bow only camp. Unsure of that now. A lot of the terrain makes stalking close tough. Many guides aren't bow guys. I personally went with the same outfit 6 times and he took 1bow hunter during that time. Also, a key ? To ask is: Do locals have access to outfits territory. We drove all hunts as the meat is awesome

From: Bou'bound
ninth trip in September. lacrosse rubber boots are essential. take two pairs, tuckamore can puncture them.

whatever you do do not take good rain gear. take best in class rain gear. better than you want to buy.

good optics will help you enjoy the trip.

all operations have very high success. not much of it is with a bow relatively speaking.

great people great place great experience

From: John

From: APauls
Look at Effords. If you can get Tyler to guide you he's a hardcore bowhunter. But they take a lot of archery guys. The Effords family bowhunts as well.

Went about 10 years ago and enjoyed it enormously. Rained almost all the time so rain gear was a standard daily-all day outergarment along with rubber boots. We flew into a camp and we were 2 bowhunters and 1 gun hunter. The guides were great but no bow experience. My gun shooting companion and I (bow) took young moose in the first 2 days and never did get the caribou we then hunted for, although I did pass up a big stag after a long stalk because of a very strong cross wind. Water proof gear (rain suit/comfortable rubber boots are obligatory. After that make sure that you have a good hat, and whatever you need to keep hands warm (wool gloves?). I enjoyed my wool under underlayers and shirts but the rain gear does add some warmth. Be prepared to do some real walking. At the time the caribou herd was strong and the price of permits 1/2 of current..the good ole days. I actually am considering a 2023 return. Find a camp that has bow oriented hunting/guides although be aware that manpower is "fluid" and you can never be sure until you get there.

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