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Colorado High Country Mule Deer Guide
Mule Deer
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duckhunterbrad 04-Mar-22
Habitat 04-Mar-22
Huntcell 04-Mar-22
Treeline 05-Mar-22
duckhunterbrad 05-Mar-22
Doesn't look like our Arizona elk plans are going to happen, so we are looking at a Colorado high country mule deer hunt. We have 7pts each, can anyone recommend a guide/outfitter?

From: Habitat
Might check with Comanche Wilderness Outfitters,but if Gordon is your guide you better be ready.

From: Huntcell
Ck there website 1 on 1 wilderness deer $9,000 plus tips guide, wrangler, cook.

From: Treeline
With that many points, you could hunt any high country unit in the state. The really high point archery units in Colorado do not buy you anything and do not typically get you any better quality animals. Probably much larger bucks in lower point units.

How many elk points do you have?

Treeline, I am currently sitting on 4 elk points.

Habitat I will check out Comanche Wilderness Outfitters, thanks for the recommendation.

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