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From: DanaC

DanaC's Link
(Apparently it's hard to get 'mountain fit' while living near sea level)

"Florida Man Shocked to Discover Wearing Hunting Pack to the Gym Does Nothing

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A Florida man is complaining about his recent elk hunting experience in the Rocky Mountains after reportedly spending north of $8,000 on hunting-specific workout programs, equipment and supplements, Instagram users say. "

From: Blood
That article is actually very factual as funny as it was made to sound. :)

The one very glaring thing he left out was if his flat brim hat made him feel more invincible….. ;)

From: Rockbass
Darn, I am putting water jugs in my pack. Hopefully that works instead of sand!

From: PECO2
"Oh, and these jacked-up Florida trucks are NOT made for hunting out West – I got passed on the way up by some fruitcake in a Subaru.” LOL

From: Norseman
He needs a hug from his mom and confirmation that he is worthy of existence from his father. ;)

From: Inshart
Funny,,, When his wife gets more money from her dad, she can get him a tiny stuffed elk toy as a participation trophy. :)

From: LINK

LINK's Link

From: backwoods54
Too much time spent looking at a screen. The internet is a great thing; but u need to have some practical sense to apply what u have seen. Yep, lots of marketing hype. Doesn't take a rocket sientist to understandeffects of high altitude; jacked up 4x4's for what purpose? 90 # bow for what purpose?? at the tender age of 68, i've seen these trends come and go. My advise, keep it simple and practical and shut that damned computer off. I use my god givin legs to get me around; I seldom wear designer camo, carry a bow that weighs under 18 oz and seldom climb a tree. so many today have a back pack loaded so heavy for a one day white tail hunt. Marketing at its best and found on the internet.

From: PECO2
That's insane, $300 for any turkey pot call.

From: SteveB
Tim is the offensive quality control coach for the Texans. Probably a bit of satire in that article.

From: Muddyboots
Funny, as I think he meant to be!

From: cnelk
He is Spot On! .... as many want to say otherwise

From: Jaquomo
I always get a big smile whenever a new TAB link hits my morning email.

From: swede
I feel for the guy in Florida that reads elk hunting forums and magazine articles which depict elk hunting as a romantic adventure. In all those stories you return home as a conquering hero with a big bull. When he gets his big chance, he does everything he was told and gets his tail kicked. For almost all of his hunt he is out of breath and worthless. And he knows it! The knucklehead that exasperates me is the one-elk wonder that has become an instant expert. That poor sap is a clueless irritant that takes a couple of minutes to figure out and ignore.

From: azelkhntr
Thats funny.

OK… LOL!!! Uuuuuiummmm…

Feeling a little self-conscious about hiking the sledding hill with my backpack.

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