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Getting to baits, etc
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Inshart 06-Mar-22
M.Pauls 06-Mar-22
hunter12345 06-Mar-22
spike buck 07-Mar-22
Inshart 08-Mar-22
From: Inshart
With all the snow up there this year, will there be issues with getting to bait stations for this springs bear hunting.

Also, we have reservations at a fishing resort on Red Lake, Ontario for the first week of June, I'm now wondering, with all the snow, if the ice will be out by then?

From: M.Pauls
I’m wondering if I shouldn’t get a bunch of bait in while we do have hard snow and go in with the snowmobile. I just don’t like leaving visible tracks right into my spot

From: hunter12345
If you’re going to Red lake itself you should be fine. Ice messes up the last week of may some years but june should be safe. Spring weather will dictate ice out but a lot of snow and slush on the lakes so the ice could go quick.

From: spike buck

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Inshart, in 2018, we had just as much snow. These pictures were taken about April 21rst. We had the same worry you have... But, it worked out. When it finally warmed up, snow went fast. Walleyes might be a bit late spawning.

This winter is actually a normal winter here. Just been use to less snow lately.

From: Inshart
Thanks Spike, We've been going up to Red every year (except 2019 & 2020 of course) for about 30 years. Normally go up last week of May or 1st week of June. Only once I can remember their being ice chunks floating around on the opener.

Thanks again, Bob

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