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I'm currently sitting with 5 PPs which should get me a tag in most draw units. I imagine there is, but is there much point creep going on with MD as there is with elk? I was considering 61, which took 7 points last year, and was wondering if I should just go with a less PP unit rather than chase something I'll never catch. Thanks in advance, TODDY

From: PECO2
In 2020, I drew a second choice MD tag. People drew that same tag on 4th choice. In 2021, I did not draw that same tag on second choice. It is insane across the board. I don't follow nonresident stats, but you can look back at draw odds for years and see what is happening in the unit you are chasing.

With the new rifle season dates the past few years mature bucks are harder to come by.

Are you only going public land or private, trespass fee an option?

ww, public only. Likely I would choose a lesser pp unit if I choose to cash them in this year. My luck with elk draws is terrible. Lol!

From: midwest
Ask pav about the 61 deer hunt.

I hunted 61 a bit about 5 yrs ago. Not worth it from what I saw, or didn’t see for that matter.

Been a while since that unit was great for deer, probably 15-20 years ago.

From: cnelk
More PPs don’t equate to bigger bucks, just less tags issued.

One of the best deer hunts I went on took 3 PPs and I burned 7, only to shoot a forky.

^^^ is correct! Many people over value their points.

Bonus points are worth even less. If you think about it states that use BP draws have tags drawn at all levels. so just because someone drew with say max 20pts and another drew with random 1 pt doesn’t mean the 20 point guy is necessarily going to have a better hunt!

Usually it’s the opposite where the expectations of the max point holder are unrealistic, due to their perception of time point value. While the 1 pointer is happy just to be there!

I would research units off of your personal hunt criteria- current availability of trophy quality, access, pressure etc. Things change every year.

From: Bowaddict
Better think about using those points soon unless you have good private land to hunt! The guy I had score my NE mule deer is a big game biologist. We had some good conversations about mule deer and he confirmed what we assumed. To keep it simple, he said a lot of mule deer hunters who are used to chasing nice bucks in CO are NOT going to be happy!! The longer you wait, the worse it’s going to get. This new season structure is here for a while, with the intent to drastically reduce mature bucks. Another attempt at controlling cwd.

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