Does anyone shoot without a peep sight?
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Banjo 08-Mar-22
Bowhunter09 08-Mar-22
Bandicooter 08-Mar-22
BC173 08-Mar-22
Ironbow 09-Mar-22
Dale06 09-Mar-22
smarba 09-Mar-22
Pop-r 09-Mar-22
Two Feathers 09-Mar-22
Bigfoot 09-Mar-22
From: Banjo
Just curious how many shoot without a peep sight? I bought a new bow last weekend and took it home to set it all up and realized I didn’t have an extra peep sight, so I got the sight, rest and D-loop put on and started tuning it and was really surprised how well I was shooting without a peep sight after using one for more than 30 years. Got some more experimenting to do but might just go without one this year and see how it goes.

From: Bowhunter09
I don’t use a peep. I do use a no-peep which I have had on my previous 4 bows. Works fine for me

From: Bandicooter
I end up shooting without a peep because something always goes breaks.....water droplet in the peep.....always something. It's best to practice consistency with your anchor point.

From: BC173
Why not use both methods. I use a peep for most all of my shooting, but I also practice shooting off the side of the peep, as if there was no peep. With my setup, at 20 yds. I will hit 3 inches left. It’s perfect for low light. I’ve not had any problems in rain or snow with my peep, but in low light, it’s deadly.

From: Ironbow
I don’t use one. Have shot about a billion arrows and for bow hunting I don’t find it necessary (for me). And I practice out to 85 yds. It is all about consistency in your anchor. No turning or can’t see through it problems which I like.

From: Dale06
I used a kisser button with no peep, for years. Changed to a peep and my accuracy is much improved.

From: smarba
The old No Peep and now that technology has been incorporated into the IQ bow sights.

From: Pop-r
I've shot an IQ in the past and it definitely helped my long range accuracy. Problem with them is they're not very durable. Very fragile may be the best way to put it. BC173 I've never thought about that but I appreciate the tip. I've had a couple times that would've been very helpful!

From: Two Feathers
I don't use one.

From: Bigfoot
I didn't use one for many years - 30 plus. I shot very well without it and didn't have the problem of tubing breaking, snow or debris clogging a peep, etc. that my buddies had. But, every once in a long while, a shot while hunting would go astray because of the shot angle. I practiced at angles, but in the heat of the moment I didn't always have great form and it cost me a few animals. A couple of years ago I missed a close opportunity (25 yards) at a nice bull Elk because of being slightly off in my quick range estimation and the steep downhill angle. I decided to try a peep after that and think it would have helped make that shot. For me, I think it will help in those pressure situations, to have correct form and make an accurate shot.

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