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Insert / outsert
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bigwoodsbucks22 11-Mar-22
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70lbDraw 11-Mar-22
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Bowboy 11-Mar-22
Building some new arrows since the ones ive used for years are not being made anymore. I have settled on Easton 5mm Axis. My total weight will be around 525ish which is exactly what I want. Getting there, I have options though... 100g vs. 125g head. And then I would go with an insert or a "half out" outsert. These also come in brass, steel, and aluminum with varying weights. I can get the total arrow weight that I want a number of ways so really the decision I have to make is whether I want an insert or a half out and then what type of material I want that to be. Im not interested in other arrows so please refrain from going down that rabbit hole. Can you guys shed some light on inserts vs. half outs and then steel vs. aluminum vs. brass? Thanks!

From: Beendare
Lots of bad internet info on the Hit inserts. They are excellent if installed correctly.

A longer insert is better as it derives its straightness from the shaft itself. A thick epoxy is critical- the one they provide has worked well for me.

Clean the inside of the shaft with 90% alcohol and a Q tip. Let dry. An even coating of epoxy matters for best straightness, spin slowly and get an even layer. Use the insert tool as directed and lay the shafts flat to cure.

You have to run the ends on a jig and the chamfer stone to get perfectly square and a solid mating surface. I use a jig with 220 or 320 sandpaper. Arrows right off the saw have what look like hairy ends when viewed under a microscope.

The std inserts are good…as are the longer break off inserts, use whatever but don’t get in an underspined condition with BHs. Stiff tunes fine in a modern compound.


From: Buck Watcher
I have Axis 300 with 50gr brass HIT insert. ZERO issues in many years.

From: 70lbDraw
Just lurking, but I’m curious. I’ve never really thought about it, as I shoot carbons. Is it possible, or do they already, tap an aluminum shaft, and use a metal/plastic male threaded insert? We do it for broad heads…?

I have a feeling I’m about to find out how old school I am!

From: midwest
I hate the HIT inserts but much prefer them over a half out. I now install them with the point or broadhead screwed into the insert almost all the way then apply hot melt on the whole shebang. I also use an impact collar over the end before installing.

If I need to swap out the point, I just dip it in boiling water for a hot minute and they pull right out.

From: Bowboy
I shoot Axis 5mm and use only the HIT insert. The outserts can be a pain to install and aren’t as durable as the insert imo. I’d get some Iron Will impacts collars. Work great for me.

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