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Magnus Bullhead Shooters 100 or 125?
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Starfire 11-Mar-22
t-roy 11-Mar-22
sbschindler 13-Mar-22
smarba 14-Mar-22
From: Starfire
I started out using the bigger 125's but the smaller 100's seem to shoot a little better. Will I miss the wider cut and how do the smaller ones work on putting down the birds. What is everyone's preference?

From: t-roy
I like the extra challenge, so I only shoot the narrower 100 grains ;-)

I’ve never tried the 125s, and have had great luck with the 100s. I’ve killed around 12-15 birds with them, and only had one bad experience with them. I hit a longbeard right at the base of the neck, with what I would have thought should be a killing shot. One of the blades broke off and the arrow bounced straight back, which would indicate a solid hit, not a glancing blow, IMO. It almost knocked the tom off his feet, but he staggered back a few steps, then simply walked off with the other Tom he was with.

From: sbschindler

From: smarba
I shoot 125 for all BH anyway, but definitely like the added cutting diameter of the 125 Bullhead.

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