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Unit 681 Colorado
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TriggerHappy 16-Mar-22
whipranger 16-Mar-22
TriggerHappy 17-Mar-22
GLP 17-Mar-22
Pop-r 17-Mar-22
From: TriggerHappy
Will be traveling from VA to unit 681 first week of Sep. Is there anyone on this page have experience with this particular unit?

From: whipranger
I’ve spent 30+ years in it. It used to be a fair unit but anymore there’s tons of ATVs in there riding the trails. It has a big OHV trail system. And it has seen a jump in hunters with more units becoming draw.

From: TriggerHappy
do you plan to continue hunting the unit? Thinking about the north side towards 551

From: GLP
I hunt 551 what whip said holds true to 551 in spades. I know 3 guys that started hunting 681 for that reason. Pm me if you want more info

From: Pop-r
Send the army.

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