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CO OTC tag no option if unsuccessful
Contributors to this thread:
Darrell 16-Mar-22
Grey Ghost 16-Mar-22
Grasshopper 16-Mar-22
RT 16-Mar-22
PO Cedar 16-Mar-22
Aspen Ghost 16-Mar-22
Orion 17-Mar-22
Pop-r 18-Mar-22
PECO2 18-Mar-22
Padfoot 22-Mar-22
From: Darrell
About ready to pull the trigger on my CO application only to find out this year you can't select an OTC tag to be sent if unsuccessful. Ugh! I'll be in CO in June and will need a fishing license. I was hoping my elk tag would suffice. Maybe it still will but I'm right on the cut line for number of points needed.

From: Grey Ghost
They actually omitted the OTC option on unsuccessful draws last year. It cost me a day of hunting because I was so used to the old system I forgot to buy my OTC tag at a later date. I realized my blunder when I got to camp and looked for my OTC tag in my backpack where I always keep my tags. Had to make a 4-hour round trip in to town to buy my OTC tag.

An elk tag is not a substitute for a fishing license. You'll have to purchase that separately.

Edit: I was wrong on that last part. All nonresident big game licenses include a fishing license. Sorry for the confusion.


From: Grasshopper
When they omit the OTC option for failing to draw, they can get people to apply$$ for the new "secondary draw".

From: RT
Which goes mostly to youth applicants.

From: PO Cedar
And force you to buy a fishing license if you are fishing there before the August OTC license sales date, another Benjamin...

From: Aspen Ghost
Yep, the supposed "annual fishing license" that is only good from the August OTC sales date until March. So if you want to fish in the spring or summer you have to shell out extra. Seems like it would be easy to have the annual fishing permit actually valid for a full year.

From: Orion
It would be easy, but it makes less money. CPW never lets common sense and easy get in the way of another buck.

From: Pop-r
Crooks on that one!

From: PECO2
The free fishing license for nonresidents is not such a great deal. The extra rod stamp is a scam also. I feel like I get my money out of it though during ice fishing season.

From: Padfoot
On-X has a good video on Colorado hunting and application process. The "Masterclass with Huntin' Fool and Born and Raised Outdoors - Colorado Application Season" will be posted on YouTube soon. Most of it was good foundational information and strategies for Colorado.

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