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Looking for a book--Bobby Worthington Pa
Whitetail Deer
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Kydeer1 16-Mar-22
Scrappy 16-Mar-22
jrstegner 16-Mar-22
From: Kydeer1
If anyone has one and would potentially be ok with parting with it please pm me. Always wanted to give it a read. Thanks

From: Scrappy
I may still have it somewhere. We moved last year and I haven't gotten things organized. Keep bugging me PM's and will try to dig it out. If I find I'll send it to you.

I still incorporate what he feels is the most important part of setting up on big bucks. I won't give it away here you'll have to wait and read it yourself.

From: jrstegner
Mail him a check. He will send you one, and probably sign it too.

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