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Looking for a book--Bobby Worthington Pa
Whitetail Deer
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Kydeer1 16-Mar-22
Scrappy 16-Mar-22
jrstegner 16-Mar-22
traceyhoward65 30-May-22
EmbryOklahoma 30-May-22
Two Feathers 30-May-22
Bake 31-May-22
MQQSE 31-May-22
From: Kydeer1
If anyone has one and would potentially be ok with parting with it please pm me. Always wanted to give it a read. Thanks

From: Scrappy
I may still have it somewhere. We moved last year and I haven't gotten things organized. Keep bugging me PM's and will try to dig it out. If I find I'll send it to you.

I still incorporate what he feels is the most important part of setting up on big bucks. I won't give it away here you'll have to wait and read it yourself.

From: jrstegner
Mail him a check. He will send you one, and probably sign it too.

I have this book and I can send it to you. I've already read it a bunch of times. I'm currently reading "grendel" by John Gardner, I found a grendel summary for this. I switched to the electronic version and I really like it. No need to buy more books. I just take and do everything online.

Kydeer… I listened to several podcasts where a couple of podcasters interviewed him. It’s a GREAT listen. He’s a bit gruff, but someone that wants to kill big bucks should definitely listen. He’s actually the first bowhunter that I’ve found that our style parallels one another. I’d like to have a book as well if you find the avenue.

From: Two Feathers
jrstegner - I don't think you can do that. He's sold out.

From: Bake

Bake's Link
See link. He wrote two books. This is the first one. I didn't see that Abebooks had the second one. . .

I bought a copy yesterday off Thriftybooks.

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