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Sitka Gear noob…
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MA-PAdeerslayer 17-Mar-22
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Ok looking to get a Sitka set this year. Was thinking fanatic lite …. I hunt in mass and northern Pa/Southern NY. However I’m left handed and run fairly warm. Will the light be comfortable for me being a lefty? I know the “fanatic” comes in left handed version… was hoping to make 1 suit do it all. With just additional under layers when the temps drop… thanks for the help!

From: Tradmike
Yes it will be fine. I am a lefty and hunted with lite last year with no problems.

What’s your set up if you don’t mind?? My temps typically December are 15-40 sometimes colder. Not usually to too windy

From: kota-man
I wouldn’t be warm in those temps in the Lite. Those are perfect temps for me for the regular Fanatic.

From: Shrewski
Best (in a budget and versatile way) all around piece (s) you can buy in Sitka for Midwest/Eastern deer hunting is the Stratus. Very easy to layer under that to make it basically a Fanatic or more.

Or less.

From: Pat Lefemine
Agree, if I only could afford one system it would be the stratus. Get the bibs rather than the pants. You can always add a fanatic vest.

From: woodguy65
I Live in Illinois - you want the regular fanatic if hunting in Dec/Jan. LH versions are hard to find .

From: Bowfreak
Stratus set is perfect for you. I used to run warm but after two baby aspirin a day I don't. The Stratus works great for me with layering.

I also plan to add the Fanatic vest for cold temps.

I tend to be cold , so last season I finally broke down and got the Fanatic coat. I don’t know if they still make left handed and did get the standard coat for right handed shooters. I am left handed but shoot longbow so not so tight to the chest on my draw and release. I had no problem with the coat in that regard. The warmth was a comfortable step up from multiple layers of wool although I still had several layers of silk, wool, and it was good but not fantastic into the 30s. I just bought the aero lite vest as an under layer for next season. Overall, you will not be disappointed.

Stratus is definitely the most versatile. Good from 60 degrees to 20 degrees with proper layering.

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