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From: Stubbleduck

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Interesting review of Elk movments during hunting season.

Or they could have just talked to anyone who has hunted elk for a few years.

^^^^ That.

Wonder how much time, money, and resources they spent on this study? Anyone that has any clue whatsoever about elk behavior could have saved them the trouble.

Double post

From: wcook4303
Happens with deer in SE Michigan. There is a state recreation area that borders a metro-park where hunting is not allowed. Late September, all the deer seemingly "dissapear" from the state area and "appear" in the metro-park until after the first of the year. Not a new phenomenon in the animal world.

From: azelkhntr
Looks like Utah is developing a good relationship with the private landowners to correct the problem and it benefits hunters and the public private resources.

From: Aspen Ghost
In another study, BYU scientists discovered that jumping off tall buildings is associated with a high rate of injuries.

From: 6pointbull
Its common to see change in behavior, but through the years it has gotten worse in bow season, imho. With all of the camo clad warriors running rampant through the woods blowing their bugles every 5 minutes, the elk learn in a hurry.

I thought this was an ad for a new app. Sounds like it should be anyway....

From: Jaquomo
That's ok. Taxpayers have paid for numerous studies to understand why young people who drink alcohol are more likely to have casual hookups. Nobody asked me. Could've saved a lot of money to spend on studies of why cocaine makes monkeys agitated.

This is also how they justified releasing wolves into Yellowstone because they said hunters couldn't manage the elk overpopulation. All they really had to do was let hunters into Yellowstone Park, problem solved, instead wolves wiped out most of the elk forever and Grizzlies will keep the population suppressed.

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