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KUIU layering system?
Mule Deer
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Hey all, Heading to Wyoming early September for a high country mule deer hunt.

Boots, pack and sleep system I’m all set, going to rent a pair of NL Pure’s for optics (maybe a spotter too).

What I’m not sure about is a clothing system. I have and like the Attack pants I own from KUIU, and would like to support them with my next purchases.

The Attack pants have likely seen the end of their useful life, so I’ll be getting new ones.

If you were looking to build a system from the ground up with KUIU, what would you get?

Keep in mind, this will be the base of what I build off of for future Western big game hunts as well. I’m in the beginning stages of planning a caribou hunt in ‘25 and hopefully a Kodiak blacktail hunt in ‘24.


From: SBH

They have a bunch of gear lists for specific hunts on their website . September elk should be about right. If anything it can be very hot that first week of September. Make sure you have your water covered up there. High country Wyoming can be dry.

From: Scar Finga
I can't speak for kuiu because their stuff doesn't fit me right, but early September can be pretty warm!! I use First Lite gear mainly, but I wouldn't plan on really cold days! I would do a lighter weight pant and jacket with a decent set of Merino wool 200g thermals and wind breaker type jacket and a puffy.

Your caribou hunt may be completely different clothing wise! Really good rain gear is essential for any of these hunts!!!!

From: tkjwonta
Tops: merino base layer, super down puffy, hard/soft shell rain prevention

Bottoms: base layer, attack pants.

I spend 95% of my time in my merino top and attack pants. Puffy is nice for stationary glassing in morning/evening. Shell only comes out of the pack if it starts raining.

From: llamapacker
Attack Pants, Merino base layer top and bottom, and guide DCS jacket or Kutana jacket. Peleton shirts in a variety of weights give great versatility. Additional options are Tiburon pants for really warm weather, along with Gila shirt. It is entirely possible you will have really warm weather in September, but mild to cool is much more likely. You can do so much with the pieces listed above, and add rain gear and other specialty pieces as you go. Bill

I started with the Attack pants and do like them but my personal early season favorite would be the Kutanas. They are lighter but much more durable. Combine them with a light base layer and you are set for cool to warmer weather. My favorite top piece is the Peloton 240. It's just enough to take the edge off on cool morning but not too warm. It's quiet, layers well and has great wind resistance. Stick with light, packable layers and you will be set. Good luck.

Has anyone tried the Pro pants? I like that they have the knee pads built in, could come in handy.

I have the pro pants but prefer the Attack's over them, if you are a vest user it’s hard to beat a merino 145 zip t with a guide vest on top for lots of weather situations and I always have a Chugach top and bottom nearby. Good luck on your hunt.

Kuiu zip off long underwear awesome with the pants. Attack don't fit me right so I use a sitka comparison (timberline I think)

Merino layer and today agree on the peleton 240 my favorite piece of kuiu gear

From: JSW
I have the pro pants but rarely use them. The attack pants are hands down my favorite. I think the knee pads on the pro's can make some noise. It's a great idea to have the knee pads but I don't like hunting with them. Especially for mule deer. The slightest noise can ruin a stalk.

The super down ultra top is the best light weight insulation I've used. It's a must have on trips where the temps can drop and the wind comes up.

From: jimss
I have guide pants and they are pretty good in high country from Sept through January. Just layer up when it's cold, windy, wet. Teburons are great when it's hot. Base layers you really can go with anything for bottoms. For base layer tops I really like hoodies. Add a quiet cloth insulation layer vest on top, then a hooded heavier jacket. Last but not least a rain jacket/pants. Rain jacket must have pitzips. Rain gear also aids with cutting wind.....a must have in Wyo!

From: nmwapiti
I used to go Tiburons early, Attacks when it got cooler. I tried their Kutana stretch woven pants and they're now my favorite early and mid season pant. With a set of zip-off merino long john bottoms, I'm comfortable from 20 to 80 degrees. On top I really like the new ultra Tiburon hybrid base layers. Merino is always a little itchy for me. Add a fleece or merino on top. Add a vest or Guide jacket if it's cool in the morning. Puffies are the best for really cold glassing.

From: APauls
On bottom of you have zip off long johns plus attack plus a rain pant that will get you to a little past freezing on active hunts. Those three layers cover everything.

On top a merino plus’s hoodie plus a rain jacket and a puffy gets you way past freezing and all situations. The only thing you’re not really covered for there is cold and quiet. You’d have to add a soft shell or another form of quiet insulation piece

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