Elk 101 Alaskan elk
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From: Beendare

Beendare's Link
The elk 101 guys released their video of their Alaskan elk hunt, it’s very good. I think it captures those Alaskan island hunts very well.

I’ve been on those islands many times for bear and blacktails. Those are draw hunts but pretty good odds. I don’t think I’m giving any secrets away here- grin. Its simple to see why its an easy draw by watching the vid- brutal country and always wet.

Good vid and that Cory Jacobson and his cameraman are studs

From: KHNC
Me and Jeff got beat out of our moose hunt last year on Kuiu. I really dont think i am too disappointed really. But ill be glad to get back in the elk mountains this year, somewhere!

From: Bowfreak
I wouldn't hunt elk there if you paid me. I love the thought of arrowing a giant bodied bull like that, but I would not even begin to do a hike like that for any animal even if I could. Couple this with the miserable weather and it is 100% no for me. Hunting is fun to me and that looks to be the polar opposite.

From: jdbbowhunter
Watched it, I thought Idaho n Colorado were tough terrain. Impressive what they were able to do.

That was one big bodied bull

From: nmwapiti
Pretty much how I remember AK. The hunting is good, but the terrain and weather will try to kill you.

From: Scoot
I would love to hunt that brutal country as far as terrain goes. However the weather would be more than enough to drive me insane and I think I would hate that part of it.

From: maxracx
My wife and I really enjoyed the video. Cory is a beast!!! We felt very bad for Donnie and glad he was able to survive his kidney stone ordeal. They are touch to deal with in civilization let alone to have to deal with them in the wilderness. I would have been calling the coast guard for an evac. Great production!!!!

From: TJS
That is an incredible adventure!!!!

From: sitO
These are the videos I like, real deal, no "showbiz" junk. That bull had a ton of fat on him, and the size of his backstrap! Cool hunt all the way around.

From: Beendare
I liked the accuracy of the ordeal....err hunt

They didn't film what is usually a typical ordeal climbing up from those beaches going through the tangled mess of Devils club and impenetrable brush....there must have been a half assed trail or too tough to film climbing up through that mess.

When that bull hit the ground....tell me you weren't thinking, "how the heck are they going to get that bull out of there?"

The bear eating his share was a blessing.....

From: Scrappy
I was all excited to learn about hunting elk in Alaska. After this video, I'm thinking I'll pass.

I wouldn’t want to carry that size a bull that far on flat ground. 2 of us carried a moose 1.5 miles and that was bad enough.

From: KB
Had this tag in 2020 and didn’t make it to the island. Was pretty beat up after a goat hunt and the pilot said no go with the weather we had left for the season. Probably a blessing. Was eligible to apply again this year and had been all set to moan and groan about Corey killing the odds, but I pulled it again. It ran right at 25% this year. Congrats to Corey. Incredible hunt and great video. Think I’ll just show the first half to the buddies talking about joining me this fall. :)

From: Fields
Wow.... Epic adventure... No thanks!!!! Congrats to all involved....

Yeah I live in AK so I am smart enough not to do that hunt! I’d rather go hunt Rosie’s in Oregon

I don’t think most people would shoot an elk 7 hrs hike from their camp, most would be patient and try to find a closer one. If shot 1-2 miles from base camp it would have been a different story. But the size of that bulls body would be a tough pack anywhere.

It was brutal for sure. I enjoyed the show.

From: Treeline
Looks like a tough place to kill an elk for sure!

From: Joey Ward
That was AWESOME! Every bit of it. Great adventure, experience, and test. Both physically and mentally.

IMO, being sick with fever and chills in that situation would suck way more than the packing. The guy had to feel even worse knowing his friends could've used his help.

Huge congrats to the fellows. Loved the filming. Great job!

I'll definitely check out more of their hunts. Thank for posting it up.

Joey, I agree, being that sick in that situation would be far worse than packing. Watching that shows the importance of some sort of lightweight pack able ice grippers like Katahoola , or Yak Trax. And having Evac insurance

Look into LifeMed Alaska,

Cheap annual membership

From: Rut Nut
Aparently I haven;t gotten to the "good" parts yet. ;-) I'm only up to the morning after and my reaction is ..................................."OH, HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" : (

From: Blood
Awesome bull. Do you guys really like the videos? I’m not complaining, as he has a huge following, but I feel his content is very mundane, boring, and long winded. I do appreciate what he does for elk hunting, but I have a really difficult time watching any of his content any longer.

True Grit!!!

From: bowonly
That was just an approximation of the REAL grind of a successful elk hunt and packout. And just that approximation had me wore out just watching!! Real elk hunts like that are not all excitement and glory and high fives. Hats off to those guys but was anyone else worried about the meat quality in all that constant rain?

From: Bowboy
Great bull but boy that pack out was beyond brutal. Glad they got it done, not sure if I’d would try it.

From: M.Pauls
That was excellent. So fortunate to have had that first day of clear weather and get it done. That is some serious perseverance. I love the style of video without the Hollywood production

I prefer the “mundane” videos instead blaring music drowning out the scene. Or constant Blabbering.

I actually prefer the old movies with after production voice overs to load music playing

From: Bowbender
Loved the video...Just a observation...I thought they would be a little more prepared to spend the night on the mountain.

From: Jethro
I loved the video too. I agree Bowbender about spending the night on the mountain. Donnie may have been down and out for the pack out, but he was worth his weight the night on the mountain. Only one with extra clothes, food, and fire starter.

Cameraman, John did an awesome job filming that hunt.

Two of them could have wrapped up in the bulls hide, flesh side out. They would have been toasty warm.

From: AZ8
I really enjoyed that video. Incredible hunt. Those are the hunting videos I enjoy. Not sure if anyone else picked up on it, but the actual hunting part was just a fraction of the entire video. Most of the video before and after the kill, showed the real work involved. The majority of hunting videos we see today just don’t show that part, it’s all about the trophy pic now. Kudos to Corey, Donnie and John. Best video they’ve ever put out. I’m not ashamed to say I’ll never do that hunt. They’d have to bury me on the mountain. Haha

From: stringgunner
The YouTube hunters often get a bad wrap on this site. Some of its warranted, this video on the other hand…wow. Corey, Donnie and John are the real deal for sure. Thankful for their content. The best of the best when it comes to you tube elk hunters.

From: Don K
Yea, no thanks. Enjoyed the video but way to far from camp for a kill in them condition's. This hunt could have turned out real bad

From: ryanrc
How on earth did they hike 7 hours from camp without all of them having the proper tools? Only one had a fire-starter. Only one had extra clothes. No shelter. I am surprised they would do that in a place like that. What if the rain came sooner and stronger?

From: Lost Arra
Great hunt video. I've fished around those islands many times and they actually had pretty good weather for the entire trip compared to what is common there. They could have been eating elk for a few days waiting on the plane. 7 hours from camp is risky anywhere without a tarp. They planned well for boot traction but not staying dry. I'm the absolute last person to second guess Corey Jacobson on an elk hunt but I always carry a 13 oz tarp after experiencing the Sept 2013 monsoon floods of the Rockies while hunting elk without one.

I wish we could have heard the off-video comments while they are standing over that monster bull thinking about the packout.

From: Beendare
Personally, Im glad they showed the ordeal.

I think there are too many of these edited elk vids on Youtube just showing the action….then every Bowhunter that has never hunted elk thinks its easy, just walk in the woods, blow a call and they come running in to you.

Even some of the elk 101 vids are condensed down to the point it looks easy butin reality its 5 days of hard elk hunting with one good opportunity.. You sometimes hear Cory say after a long day, “we did 12 miles today” and they came up empty.

Maybe we wouldn’t have so many guys in the woods if the reality of these hunts was exposed.

From: Whocares
Now that was an enduro hunt! Held my attention just thinking about what all three of them were thinking and going through. Congrats to 3 tough dudes. Well done video allowing us to "experience" some of the trip. Knowing at my age I'm no longer attempted to do some of the things I did when younger. Think about it again but come to my senses...sometimes.

I’m guessing they will be a little more prepared for a bivouac or emergencies in the future.

First off, as an old guy, I loved it. Better than anything then I see on TV. I also like the music, and the showing of the real hunt. At first I did not understand, who was filming, since it started out showing only 2 guys.... Anyway thanks for sharing and keep them coming......My target now are cows and calfs, but I relieve hunts all the time in my head, on the few bulls I got,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I never had a good phone, till last month, when my daughter got me a real phone,,,, can watch stuff like this now, when in my camps,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thanks for putting it on, it means alot to some of us, that you would not realize.......................

From: Sivart
Absolutely great footage. A lot can be learned here.

From: Inshart
Yup, Cory and Donnie are the real deal - John has to be a bad ass as well, to carry all that camera equipment in that "extreme" terrain.

From: JLeMieux
The Elk Talk podcast with Corey and Randy goes into a little detail and covers some of behind the scenes/off camera stuff.

From: midwest
If anything, that video IMPROVED the odds of drawing that hunt. No thanks!

...and if there's anyone else that's going to kill a bull there it will KB. I hope we get to hear the story here!

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