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Giant Bear Compilation
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The average size of bears taken in this video are 7 plus feet , with a few 21" Booners taken as well. Come on spring!

From: Hancock West
Nice bears

It was fun putting the old footage together.

From: Zebrakiller
this gets a guy fired up

From: Sawpilot75
Man, I can’t wait for my trip to Stickflingers!!

From: jstephens61
Goes to show, you know a big bear when you see it!

From: molsonarcher
38 days and counting down here. Can’t friggin wait to get to Manitoba!

From: Bou'bound

From: t-roy
Good stuff, David! Can’t wait to see what Noah and the crew put on the ground this year!

From: Hancock West
David, whats your favorite week up there?

From: APauls
That's awesome stuff David. Great job on the compilation!

Jason, David and Ryan bear hunt a heck of a lot more than me, but I liken bear hunting a lot to deer. If you want to kill a decent or smaller bear that can happen literally anytime. Seems like for big bears I find best time is early on they can be patterned, and later the rut is amazing for bringing boars in during daylight that are nocturnal, or roamers you didn't know were around. You may also have homebody bears that run killable right through from April to June. Kind of like you can have a big buck hitting the same field Sep through to November.

So in that way "favourite" can change. One year you've got a big boar patterned early and it's the way to do it. Next year you want to experience the rut and that craziness where nothing is guaranteed. But in MB you'll have good bears right through the season. And so much depends on the bait site. Great bait sites are always great. But they are great because they are not average.

Many guys don't like hunting the week of green-up. That varies a bit year to year as well. So that's my MB experience. But like I said, there are a number of guys whose experience counts more than mine, and who I would suggest listening to more than myself.

From: Nick Muche
What an awesome video, you guys have some giants!

Great bears for sure

Big bears are so cool. Ryan, David and Carcus sure do get it done a bunch. Thx for posting the vid..

From: maxracx
Giant bears!!! WOW

So where is your favorite spot to aim? I saw a lot of the MoM shots- middle of the middle which I have come to like a lot.

Adam I agree on all you said! Different areas in the province will be better at different times as well. I've definitely been fortunate to be mentored by a couple of the best bear hunters in Manitoba!

From: M.Pauls
So enjoyed this David! Did you get all the Manitoba celebs into one video!?

My kind of thread!!! I love it!!!

From: carcus
Some good memories there! Hopefully the snow starts melting here soon, still looks like full on winter

From: Muddyboots
Enjoyed the video. The problem with it is my hunt isn't until next month, and you have me all excited right now!

From: Bowboy
Some toads bears taken. Thanks for sharing.

From: midwest
Some real toads....wow!

From: LBshooter
Not having hunted bears yet, just wondering what you all would prefer to shoot, black, blonde or cinnamon?

From: t-roy
I’ve only shot one black bear, so far. It was black. Carcus shot my dream bear several years ago. It was cinnamon/brown, melon headed toad, with a huge white “V” on his chest.

Muddyboots I feel your pain!...I don't mind the color, as long as it's big!

From: Rgiesey
Amazing bunch of footage. I’ve done a lot of bear hunting but if I I had videoed my footage wouldn’t have made your tape. Unbelievable

From: Mark Watkins
Amazing BIG bears and footage!

Nicely done!


From: BowJangles
Literally just booked my flights! Can't wait to see the crew!

From: APauls
T-Roy Carcus pretty much shoots everyone's dream bear every year lol. You can set your watch by it. I'm not sure if Derlago has also gotten bored of shooting Booners. The only reason I only give Heppner a 99% chance of whacking a giant this spring is because he is going to be distracted with his son and videoing other guys! HA ha. We've got some non-bowsite buddies that are serious bear killers.

Love it Adam!

From: DanaC
re APauls "Many guys don't like hunting the week of green-up. "

Could you explain that? Thanks

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