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North Carolina CWD Survey (Through AU)
Whitetail Deer
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catherinecummings 07-Apr-22
JohnMC 07-Apr-22
Glunker 07-Apr-22

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Hi all! My name is Catherine Cummings and I am a PhD student at Auburn University leading the implementation of this survey. I have been working with some scientists here at Auburn and we have been examining issues surrounding Chronic Wasting Disease. With the recent discovery of CWD in North Carolina, we were hoping to develop a better understanding of North Carolina deer hunters’ concerns, desires, and attitudes. Understanding what YOU as a hunter in North Carolina want in regards to CWD will help ultimately improve the ability of agencies and managers to meet the needs of both hunters and wildlife. We have developed a survey for deer hunters to help us collect this information, and we are hoping that you will take some time to fill it out (and maybe even pass it to some other fellow hunters to help us increase our sample size). If you would like to fill out this survey, link below

If you are not a resident of North Carolina but HUNT in North Carolina you are still eligible to take this survey! All information in this survey will be anonymous, and will not be shared with any other group. However, summaries of the data generated will be made public in report form. This project is being conducted solely by personnel in the College of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences at Auburn, and is being financially supported solely by Auburn. No outside organizations are involved in the funding, development, or implementation of this survey.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free out to me at [email protected] We really appreciate your time, respect your point of view, and want to understand it.

From: JohnMC
Just do the opposite of Colorado and you will have a solid plan.

From: Glunker
I suggest studying what the Wisconsin DNR did after CWD was discovered in 2002 near where I bowhunted. You will find mostly what made little to no difference so you do not reinvent the wheel. A lot of money was spent, endless rules were made mostly to no avail. Sure, you can bring in costly sharpshooters and and let hunters kill with no limit to vastly reduce the deer herd. But when hunters give up or hunt somewhere else and the deer finally repopulate, you will get to come back and hunt a deer herd that is infected with CWD, all for no gain. The political winds want to decimate the deer herd but for some reason deer farms shuffle deer around from other farms, likely other states but nobody does boo to stop that. How about shutting deer farms down or require a 10 million dollar liability policy payable on an escaped deer?

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