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Predator Camo Fabric
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Tracker 17-Apr-22
jrstegner 18-Apr-22
Dale06 18-Apr-22
jdbbowhunter 18-Apr-22
arlone 18-Apr-22
Supernaut 18-Apr-22
Kodiak 18-Apr-22
LKH 18-Apr-22
Novembermadman 18-Apr-22
midwest 18-Apr-22
Bou'bound 18-Apr-22
Tracker 18-Apr-22
Shawn 26-Apr-22
Archer Ontario 30-Apr-22
justuskofa45 24-Jan-24
From: Tracker

Tracker's embedded Photo
Tracker's embedded Photo
I have an old Double Bull T2 I want to modify. I need a small piece of Predator Green Deception fabric. Anyone know where a guy could get about a 4' piece.

From: jrstegner
Gray Wolf Woolens.

From: Dale06
I like predator camo patterns. However, if it were mine, I’d use just about any camo pattern to repair a blind. Good luck on your search.

From: jdbbowhunter
Possibly Ebay.

From: arlone
I'm with Dale, and mixing camo patterns might be a good idea? Ebay/Amazon might be able to scare up some Predator for you?

From: Supernaut

Supernaut's Link
You could try to get some straight from the source. It does say on the website that they are out until the 20th of April.

I've ordered camo clothing from them over the phone and they were friendly and helpful.

Best of luck!

From: Kodiak
Some old jeans and a can of Walmart spray paint.

From: LKH
Not sure why you are concerned with matching patterns. A different one might actually help.

Call Predator and explain your situation. I've picked up plenty of camo right at their facility in LaCrosse, WI. Although it's been a few years since I picked up my last batch of clothes I do remember seeing rolls of material there in the warehouse.

From: midwest
I see you can buy the regular predator on Amazon. $7/yd.

From: Bou'bound
The concept that some on here are suggesting mixing camo patterns and they’re having no impact On the effectiveness of the blind is amazing you can’t do that stuff and get away with it

From: Tracker
A bowsiter has an old blind he is salvaging for me. The color was Predator Green Deception.

From: Shawn
Wow, you have a computer right? Just type in Predator camo fabric for sale in any search engine and you get thousands of hits. I see the exact color and pattern you want on no less than 30 sites and that was looking at 2 pages. Shawn


Archer Ontario's embedded Photo
Archer Ontario's embedded Photo
Love that blind I had same one just a different pattern

From: justuskofa45
Just stumbled upon this forum while hunting for some Predator Green Deception fabric for my trusty old Double Bull T2. I'm pretty new here and it's cool to see folks sharing their expertise. Funny thing is, I recently got into fabric painting and wanted to give my blind a fresh look. Came across this sweet site called – they've got a rad collection of fabric painting stuff, including the Predator Camo fabrics. Now, about your 4' piece quest, I'm on a similar mission! If anyone's got the scoop on where to snag a small chunk of Predator Green Deception fabric, drop me a line.

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