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2012 S12
Wild Sheep
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From: Lone Bugle
So who draw the sacred tag?

From: Bow Bullet
Ten years ago? ;)

From: Treeline
Dang Eric! 2012? Ha!

It wasn't me, but I did kill my biggest whitetail that year. 2012 was pretty awesome.

From: drycreek
2012 was awesome, I was only 65 years old and could whip my weight in six year olds !


Hi All, I'm brand new to the site and new to bow hunting in general. Just drew my archery tag for S12/S78. I'd be very grateful for any tips/pointers anyone can give. Most of all, I'm debating on whether or not to go with an outfitter. I've been hunting rifle long enough to know that DIY hunts are, generally, seen as more rewarding... but I considering that I'm such a novice with a bow, I think I'd be willing to go the extra mile for some help.

Happy hunting!

From: Lone Bugle
Yeah..... 2012.... fat fingered that!! Goes perfectly with things these days......

From: Treeline
Tim, that is a tough hunt. Get in shape and be prepared to put in a lot of time up above treeline… with or without an outfitter. Good luck!

From: Beendare
“I was only 65 years old and could whip my weight in six year olds !”

I’m stealing that line….

Tavis - Fitness is definitely my priority right now. I've started a new training regimen and am prepping the best I can. Thanks for the advice!

From: KHunter
Congrats on your tag. Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society can be a great resource for previous hunters. Consider joining knowing we are the organization with the mission to “…put more sheep on the mountain”.

Also keep an eye out for our upcoming Sheep and Goat hunter meet and greet and orientation. We will bring guys who have hunted your unit for you to visit with. To be finalized but probably July 9th in Denver area. Last year we had a great and large group of previous and current tag holders going over maps and strategies including for your unit.

Also, our annual Rendezvous is on June 10&11. Join the org and sign up to attend. There will be hundreds of experienced sheep hunters, almost certainly some who know your unit on hand to network with to help you start planning scouting and hunting.

Good luck!

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