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Tank mixing herbicide’s
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Whackmaster 20-Apr-22
Ok...Russ 20-Apr-22
Habitat 20-Apr-22
Pat Lefemine 20-Apr-22
t-roy 20-Apr-22
Looking for advice. Want to spray clover this weekend. Can you tank mix Clethidim and butyrac together in the same tank? Same rates as if I was spraying them individually? I use surfactant with Clethodim I assume add the same but maybe more? Thanks for any help

From: Ok...Russ
See if this link answers any questions. There's a post or two about not mixing them according to the label.

From: Habitat
I always do and never had a problem,I also don't see a reason in changing % of surfactant per gal. I mix Interline and gly together for broadleafs and grass.I don't mix anything with my cleth when I spray on clover or alfalfa except surfactant

From: Pat Lefemine
No problem with that mix.

Im trying to find out if Imox and Butyrac can be mixed. Anyone know?

From: t-roy
What’s your reason for wanting to mix Imox and Butyrac, Pat?

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