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Question on Winter rye
Whitetail Deer
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Schl4444 21-Apr-22
Missouribreaks 21-Apr-22
Shawn 21-Apr-22
Missouribreaks 21-Apr-22
Pat Lefemine 21-Apr-22
sticksender 21-Apr-22
wisconsinteacher 21-Apr-22
Catscratch 21-Apr-22
BullBuster 22-Apr-22
Jaybee 26-Apr-22
From: Schl4444
Early last fall i overseeded my soy beans with Winter rye and had a very good catch. This spring its all green and growing. Will this rye last all summer and into the fall? What should i do with these plots to keep them healthy if thats possible. I plan on spreading some 19-19-19 on all my plots plus lime. Im using the 19-19-19 because its left over for last year. Im in West Central Wisconsin. Thank for any help on what to do with the Rye!

The rye will head out and not be green in the fall, other than what may volunteer.

From: Shawn
Yeah, its not a draw for the deer once it gets brown. Rye is an awesome food plot if planted at the right time. Here in the Northeast, around mid sept is ideal. It will come up a a couple weeks and if weather is right stay green and good eating for the deer into late Dec. Shawn

I agree with Shawn. In central Michigan I plant mid August.

From: Pat Lefemine
x2 what Shawn said. Rye, oats, and wheat are excellent companion crops when planted in the fall.

From: sticksender
I spray mine in the spring to burn it down. If not it makes a very thick stand of straw to get rid of, when it's time for fall plantings.

I'm in NW WI and plan on killing my winter rye at the end of May and planting a summer blend. This will be terminated mid Aug when brassica and cereal grains will be planted for the fall crops.

From: Catscratch
I plant my rye with clover and awnless wheat. The clover takes over after the cereals head out and die. The rye gets very little use compared to the wheat in both winter and spring. The wheat heads get hammered in July by the deer.

If you are unwilling to let the plot go fallow until your fall planting then you might consider terminating the rye and doing a summer planting of buckwheat to hold you over until your next fall planting.

From: BullBuster
When the rye hits the gooey (early seed head) stage you can mow or crimp it and it will kill without spraying. Then you can no till drill your beans and your process is renewed without chemicals.

From: Jaybee
You can also just light disc it down in late August and let it reseed itself.

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