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spike78 23-Apr-22
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Woods Walker 23-Apr-22
From: spike78

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I’m willing to bet THIS will be followed up by some new gun laws. Don’t let this go to waste Dems.

From: Woods Walker
What the Dems and other political hacks do is confuse "gun" control, with what this country REALLY needs...... S C U M CONTROL!!!

But they won't do that. The SCUM is their base. We are the enemy. Assault? Robbery? Aww...just let 'em out. He dindu nuffin'..........

From: Beendare
True, they never let a shooting narrative go without blaming the piece of machinery….except, did you see what happened after the Sacramento,Ca shooting with a machine gun about a month ago?

All of the usual liberal Democrats came out blasting guns; Pelosi, Newsome Biden even the coach of the Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr. Nevermind that you cannot even own a machine gun in Ca- since forever.

The liberal crowd is now completely silent after they find out the shooter, a many times convicted violent criminal was released early from prison because of lax Democrat sentencing rules.

Its not just this guy, Newsome says there are too many people of color in prison, so he let out something like 40,000 of them.

Remember this ass clowns name. Newsome supposedly has ambitions to run for president someday.


From: Woods Walker
Hey...we've got vote by mail. What could POSSIBLY go wrong???

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