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Knowing how educated many are on the topic of wolves, I thought I would share this article and solicit feedback. I am curious as to your honest feelings on the angle of the story, your opinions, etc.

I’ll withhold my opinion as I am the poster.

From: Ambush
It didn’t go so good the first round. Lots of real research around the several islands that have moose and wolves intermittently.

From: Bou'bound
What they do with on an island is not related to a mainland environment

From: deadeye
Bouboud is correct. That's like a high fenced whitetail hunt.

From: Jaquomo
The opening intro describes it perfectly. Fishbowl. Not a true free range ecosystem

From: elkmtngear
Isle Royale is a joke. It was "supposed" to be a study of predator-prey interaction, without intervention from man. Wolves basically almost wiped out the moose at one point, then starved to death.

Nobody was supposed to intervene, but of course, when the moose population started to rebound again (in 2018), they brought Wolves in from Michigan (re-introduction).

So, Isle Royale basically proved that Wolves cannot adequately ("intelligently") manage herds, without intervention from man.

From: Ambush
^^^ Yes, the last two starving, sickly, inbred wolves had to be rescued from the "natural balance" they created.

From: NCK
I know the perfect predator that could keep the island Moose in check.....hunters

From: Beendare
Yeah, I think Elkmtn nailed it. This researchers sympathy to wolves is showing.

The claim that wolves only eat the sick is a fairy tale…..and the fact she is spewing that nonsense is telling.

I guess I’ll chime in. Every sentence of that story is biased. From the first to the last word, the writer is simply doing everything in their power to say how good wolves are. Take a slow read and it will disgust you more each time you look at it.

Just someone who is biased trying to brainwash others to lean toward their slanted and distorted point of view.

From: Inshart
I keep hearing people say how "wolves are good for the ecosystem".

REALLY: prove it to me then! And don't go off on how all the "scientific studies" say.......

There certainly are enough other predators out there (not including humans) to take care of the "sick and weak", that wolves don't need to be introduced. Everything from the biggest of predators right down to the maggots, are capable of sustaining the "balance of nature", without the assistance (extreme wolf over-population) from timber wolves!

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