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Entering Canada
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Bowtech 64 25-Apr-22
Bou'bound 25-Apr-22
BUCKeye 26-Apr-22
Bou'bound 26-Apr-22
From: Bowtech 64
What’s the latest requirements to enter Canada when flying. I’m headed to New Brunswick in June. Thanks

Download the Arrive Can app. You will need to fill it out 72 hours before arrival.

You’ll also need a New Brunswick Outdoor card, free on the NB DNR website.

Lastly you will need to be fully vaccinated. ( 2 Doses of Covid 19 vaccine or 1 dose of J&J. Second dose must be 14 days before arrival, and have zero signs of Covid)

There is no pre entry testing as long as your fully vaccinated.

From: Bou'bound
flying and driving the same?

From: BUCKeye
Appears so. I am driving next month. I have the initial 2 Pfisers but never went back for boosters. From what I am reading it appears that is sufficient.

From: Bou'bound
Need NB outdoor card to get license, but not to get into the province.

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