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Is Melorani Safaris Closed?
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StickFlicker 29-Apr-22
JTreeman 29-Apr-22
Tilzbow 29-Apr-22
Bake 30-Apr-22
Ken Moody Safaris 01-May-22
StickFlicker 01-May-22
Potro 04-May-22
Stubbleduck 15-Oct-22
From: StickFlicker
There are a dozen reviews on Bowsite for Melorani Safaris, but I don't find any updates anywhere on the net since about 2018. Even Facebook doesn't have any posts for several years (but no mention of going out of business). For those that may know them, did they close for business?

From: JTreeman
Yes and no. Stewart doesn’t own it any longer, it was reappropriated to the indigenous people by the government in their infinite wisdom. Steward actually still controls the hunting for the time being is my understanding. If you want to hunt there you can book through Ken Moody.


From: Tilzbow
I’ve been to Melorani twice, Tshepe (closed) once and Dries Visser once. I’d choose Dries over Melorani for quality of hunting and food but Stewart and is wife Brawnwin (spelling?) for people I enjoy spending time with.

From: Bake

Melorani is still in business but under new management. Stewart is no longer associated with it. The neighbor is running it now. Combined, he controls three properties there, all joining. Will mostly cater to local hunting clientele. I am no longer hunting there at this time.

From: StickFlicker
Thanks, everyone for all the info. I had thought that was what I had heard about them. Too bad.

From: Potro
It was a great place. I had the chance to hunt with Stuwart and also hunted in Tshepe Great time in both places

From: Stubbleduck
I received a personal note from Stewart Dorrington a couple of days ago. They sold Melorani to the government in 2016 then leased it up until last year. They decided for various reasons not to continue the least this year and have more or less retired to Port Alfred. He didn't say anything about what was currently happening with Melorani. It had to be a painful decision as the Melorani land had been in Stewarts family since somewhere around 1850 I believe. I hunted Melorani twice and found it an incredible experience far beyond the basic hunting activities.

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