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Iron Will 100 Grain Single Bevel Testing
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We recently completed some more field testing of our new 100 grain single bevel broadheads and wanted to pass along the results. For this test we went to a hog-inundated ranch in Texas for as many shot opportunities as possible in just three days. Our goal was to get the new 100 grain left and right bevel broadheads into various shot angles on hogs with heavy bones and thick hide.

These 100 grain heads have slightly shorter main blades than our 125 grain and higher single bevels, so verifying maximum penetration, reusability, and blood trail was our priority. We also found the shorter blades to have minimal wind drift to improve long-range accuracy.

We also shot them into ballistic gel to verify their rotation through the animal.

View the full test results, including the ballistic gel video and test recap video on our website here: 100 Grain Single Bevel Broadhead Test Results

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions about the test, bow/arrow setup, or broadheads.

We love field testing broadheads, but we take the results seriously so we can stand behind the performance of each broadhead when it comes to your once-in-a-lifetime hunts. So when you're at the moment of truth, you have full confidence that your broadhead is as reliable as science allows to finish the job.

Well done.

Thanks Charlie! I'm really liking these heads for guys that want to shoot 100 grains.

Doesn’t look like that pig liked the new broadheads Bill.

Haha, no he was not happy when that arrow broke through his shoulder shield. He had by far the biggest cutters I've seen on the 20 or so boars I've shot.

Kind of interesting that the single bevel didn’t appear to penetrate any deeper into the gel than the double. Maybe it’s just that there was more give in the block of gel at the top where things could wiggle more, but it seems to poke a hole (if you’ll pardon the expression) in the idea that a single bevel will penetrate better because it doesn’t stop the rotation. Feel free to shoot up a whole bunch more Jell-O and let me know what you find out ;)

From: Juancho
Is funny how things change. I remember a video of you at some kind of staged interview/infomercial of sorts , stating how you did not believed that single bevel was necessary , or that you didn't think it was that good , or some such. I do not remember the exact words , or have the video handy to share. It is somewhere on YouTube.

From: Jaquomo
Duh....if your business is selling broadheads and enough people want to buy a certain style, you design a model in that style and build it the best you possibly can, irrespective of your personal beliefs. Especially when dealing with religious dogma like broadhead style. Business 101.

Looks like another great addition to the family, Bill!

From: pdk25
The link shows a test through gel. Have you done any comparisons shooting the single bevel through heavy bone, compared to the double bevel? I personally see no advantage using single bevel on soft tissue or non bony structures, and only would consider using a singe bevel for buffalo. Personal choice. And in that case, I wouldn't choose bleeders until I saw video evidence that the bleeders don't impede penetration through bone.

It is true that I have said I prefer a double bevel over a single bevel edge for a better combination of sharpness, durability, and edge retention. This is why our V, S, and Wide series are double bevel. I made single bevels a couple of years ago just to collect more data and I did find that I had to iterate on the bevel angle to get a strong enough blade edge. All the pressure on one side makes them want to bend over or chip more easily. A2 tool steel at 32 degrees was needed to fix this issue. In the testing, I did discover that the rotation through the animal was a notable difference and a cool feature of the single bevel. I haven't been able to quantify a difference in penetration through animals or heavy bone. Both do great and both split bone. So, for all those who wanted single bevels, I think it's a great broadhead. I shot a mixed quiver of S125 & SB125 last year and I really like them both. I'll be shooting our Wide125 for bears though in 3 weeks.

From: cnelk
It would be a nice alignment to have the angle be 30 degrees so Lansky and Gatco sharpener systems could be used to touch up the edge.

I’m sure 2 degrees doesn’t make that big of a difference

From: RD in WI
Thank you for all the effort you put into developing a quality piece of equipment. I bought my brother a set of three for his birthday last year and had them engraved with his nickname "Deer Pig". He calls them his 'high speed jet-fighter broadheads'. Thanks again.

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