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Bear size question
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Inshart 08-May-22
Kodiak 08-May-22
Bearman 08-May-22
t-roy 08-May-22
Hancock West 08-May-22
Whatthefoc 08-May-22
Inshart 09-May-22
From: Inshart
Had a bear on my deck last night - sniffing my front door and my "Ring camera". I'm not a bear hunter, but he looked pretty big to me. My railing is 35 1/2 inches tall and his back was almost even with that, his muzzle was a bit grayish, big head and tiny ears. Any guesses as to what a bear of this size might weigh?

From: Kodiak
308.6 pounds.

From: Bearman
Sorry, nope.

From: t-roy
You might reach out to Mike Ukrainitz (Mike’s Outfitting) on here. He uses vertical posts marked at a specific height, at his bear baits, as a reference for his bear hunting clients. I’ll bet he could give you a pretty good idea. He has a thread going here on Bowsite right now, on his spring bear hunts.

From: Hancock West
The ring picture would help determine the weight.

From: Whatthefoc
A barrel is 35” tall, and we use that measurement as a go/no-go gauge. So this is likely a pretty good bear. As for weight - pick a number. Likely 300-350 lbs … 308.6 might be a pretty good guess. That same bear that’s 350 lbs in May might be 500+ in September.

From: Inshart
Thanks, I've seen a lot of bear while hunting, just never hunted them.

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